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Tips for Surviving a Bankruptcy

So, you've come to the ultimate conclusion: Bankruptcy. We understand how difficult this decision must have been to make and want to reassure you that you will survive. Yes, you will have papers to file, financial questions to answer, meetings to attend, and much more in your future, but you will get through this and emerge with either a fresh start or a workable repayment plan. Below are a few tips to make your journey a little easier:

  • Keep a positive attitude – Deciding to file for bankruptcy was a difficult decision. Don't second-guess yourself or obsess over how it might affect your credit rating. The decision has been made, so now's the time to look forward to its outcome – a fresh financial start.
  • Take advantage of resources – As part of your bankruptcy, you may be required by the court to attend debt counseling sessions. When this happens, you have two choices: Go through the motions or take the counseling to heart. We recommend that you take advantage of the resources and advice and put what you learn in counseling to work for a better future.
  • Play by the rules – Bankruptcy offers protection from debtors, but it's not a free ride. Some debts may be exempted, others may be discharged, and others may need to be repaid. Your Brownsville bankruptcy attorney will aggressively pursue all protections, but you must hold up your end of the bargain too. Do not try to hide assets, transfer assets before filing for bankruptcy, or run up debts you have no intention of paying before filing for bankruptcy. Not only could these strategies backfire, you could find yourself in trouble with the law.
  • Share your concerns with your attorney – Worried about your retirement fund and bankruptcy? Concerned about repo men sneaking in and repossessing your car? Share your concerns with your bankruptcy attorney. Your attorney can reassure you about the protections offered and your rights as well as answer any questions you may have. As you learn more about bankruptcy, you'll find that your worries will lessen.


With a positive attitude, counseling, and a good relationship with your Brownsville bankruptcy attorney, you can get through bankruptcy and rebuild your financial life. Start your journey today by learning more about your options. Contact us for a free Brownsville bankruptcy consultation.