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Signs You May Be Headed for Bankruptcy

Think bankruptcy might be in your future? It could be if the following factors ring true:

  • Debt collection agencies keep calling you
  • Your mortgage payments are delinquent
  • The minimum credit card payment amount is impossible to pay
  • You cannot pay your bills
  • You have excessive credit card debt
  • You have extensive medical bills
  • You owe back taxes
  • You charge living expenses to your credit card
  • You use “pay day” loans
  • Your car has been repossessed
  • Your house is in foreclosure
  • Your power or water has been turned off
  • Utilities are threatening to cut off service
  • Your wages have been garnished

Bankruptcy may be in your future, but you don't have to suffer through it alone and you may not have to surrender your belongings. An experienced Brownsville bankruptcy attorney can help you make the right choices and protect your assets while also helping you re-start your financial life with credit counseling and a fresh start. Contact us today for a free consultation.